Its turkey day again

That time of the year when family,friends and loved ones come together to celebrate love and also bitch about others and if possible about each other. Its that time when aunties and uncles travel across the world just to be with their families.

This time of the year as well as Christmas has always been a difficult time for me as i don’t have any family here so during periods where families come together, thats when I’m the loneliest. Today was particularly hard cause i was with my friend and her family and it made me miss mine like crazy.

This year in particular, i have a lot to be thankful for including things i didn’t know i will be thankful for.

Im grateful for Life most importantly cause i know a lot of people will trade anything just to be alive today so i do not take it for granted.

Im grateful for being able to work and earn my keep and being able to provide for myself alone.

Im grateful for the people i call friends, people i can rely on. I don’t have lots of friends but I’m grateful that i have few people in my corner.

Im grateful for the Pain,Hurt and Heartache i went through this year because without them i wouldn’t be where i am today. The times i went to bed crying and woke up in the morning like nothing happened, I’m super grateful for that cause no blessings comes without a form of disappointment.

My prayer today is ::: May we continue to celebrate many more thanksgiving holidays with our loved ones alive and healthy.

Happy Thanksgiving ❤️

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