Imagine waking up every day thinking ….how will i live today, how can i endure this day and telling myself to wake up, breathe and live!!

She hated the thought of living, the idea that she would wake up to no one, no family or friends in a place where she knows no one..

Do i live for just my family in a far away land? Or do i just leave and they would be able to cope…she thought!!

The long walk to the bus station, the stench of weed mixed with urine at the train station jolted her back to reality, reminding her of what she is here for, helping her remember that there could still be hope.

Birthdays, christmas, easter, these holidays were so lonely and everyone kept saying to her: “you are not the only one, people have experienced worse” i didnt care that they have experienced worse, i worried that i may not even survive this phase!! Everyday the thought crossed my mind, slice your wrists, stab yourself, drown, take the whole bottle of pills😢

No one really saw her, nobody saw the pain, they saw the laughter, the pictures and the videos but no one saw the anguish and till today..


2 thoughts on “SILENCE

  1. …with all the pain and silence, there is still hope knowing that we have life.
    A time will come when we’ll look back and think of all we have passed through, then smile and say ‘we were hopeful, positive and strong’.

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