I never believed it existed till it happened to me…as i lay down there bound to a chain which was heavily armed with padlocks,my mouth gagged with a piece of cloth to prevent me from talking. I knew this was it,i was gonna die here with no member of my family aware of my disappearance and this was all my fault.

I come from an average home which consists of my mum,my two sisters and a brother,dad was late.Growing up was really difficult as i lost my dad at a very young age, being the first child i had to learn how to be an adult from a tender age of 11. I would get back from school and help my mother out with her petty trading which was used to take care of my siblings and i. I swore at a tender age to never suffer.

Fast forward to when i barely managed to finish my secondary education,my mum was already frail and was not strong enough like before to take care of us so i began a sales-girl job so i could train myself in school,life was  so tough that we barely managed to feed but i kept on striving. I finally got admission into one of the polytechnics in Lagos and i was so excited to go to school.

In my second year in school,i had exhausted all i had on me, i was practically begging to feed…i went to God in prayers,i cried my eyes out,i begged for a helper but no one came to my rescue,just when i was about dropping out, a course mate of mine who happens to be the biggest girl on campus came up to me one day and told me she had been noticing me and i looked so dejected and tired whenever she saw me.i told her my pain and what i was passing through. She took pity on me,got me lunch and gave me some money and asked that we meet the next day as she would like to show me something.I could not contain my joy,i thought to myself that finally my prayers had been answered for such a lowly person like me to be noticed by the Almighty sandra!!

We met as discussed and i have never been excited to meet someone the way i was that day, she took me to a fancy restaurant and got me lunch afterwards she took me into the vip lounge and introduced me to a polished young man in his late 20s’ who was already awaiting our arrival,i was not scared,i thought to myself..”this must be her man”. but it was not as she left the lounge and asked me to have fun and that was when i knew the story was different.

Johnson was his name and he said such sweet words and made me laugh, my determination and the state of poverty i was in blinded me from seeing that everything was not as it seemed. In the space of six months,i became his doll and his puppet. I did whatever he asked me to, i traveled everywhere with him regardless of how little i was paying attention to my studies, i really did not mind as i was basking in affluence,i was sending money home,taking care of my family, i did not mind any other thing.

“Be careful with this guy, play safe and do not be carried away” Gbemi said to me one chilly afternoon while we were taking a walk, i really did not mind her cause i felt she was jealous as well as others who had also been giving me advice (had i known)….she went on about how she heard my man was a yahoo guy and also into dirty things,i stood up and gave her a resounding slap for even daring to speak about him like own Johnson!!! Just negodu!!!

The ship  was sailing smoothly and i soon became the biggest and most talked about girl on campus, i couldn’t believe it was happening to me. One lovely day or should i say one beautiful dreadful day, i got a call from my amiable boyfriend telling me he wanted us to go on one of our usual trips,as usual i did not hesitate to agree cause i knew money would come out from the trip,the next day i packed up and we got to the airport heading to a particular state in Nigeria, surprisingly on getting there i did not see the fancy house or hotel we were supposed to stay rather i saw old muddy houses that looked like no one had been there in years,immediately i got scared and my instincts began to tell me that something was definitely amiss. i asked him where we were going and he said it was a surprise and that he wants me to meet someone, then i thought to myself…this guy is my man right,i should trust him and besides he takes good care of me.

I followed him through the thick bush,had  i known i would not have worn those heels..i never knew that those heels were not even the main problem.On getting to the said house,i saw two guys and a big woman all putting on black looking at me like i was a snack. One of them came to me and said ‘Welcome we have been waiting for you’ that was when i knew i was doomed,the next thing i felt something hit my head and that was the last thing i remember.

I woke up to see my so called boyfriend on a red cloth chanting what i could not fathom with the rest of them surrounding him, i tried to scream but i could not as my mouth was covered, johnson came close to me and whispered, now you will become useful to me.The next thing i knew,i was being dragged out into  a different room (the slaughter house),where i met two more girls and one happened to be sandra, i could not believe my eyes. They came into the room,slaughtered the first girl,as well as sandra, while waiting for my turn with blood from sandra all over me, i knew this was a wrong time to pray but then deep within me i prayed for my family, my friends and for other girls out there…i should have listened ,i should have been patient,i should have trusted God and waited, i’m so sorry mum, i’m sorry you won’t even see a body to bury, i’m sorry for betraying you. Now i know why they say ‘All that Glitters is not Gold’ ……Almost immediately, i felt the sharp blade on my neck as warm blood flowed all over the place….


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