Three years down the line, Aria was unable to conceive, we prayed,fasted and cried to the Lord for a child yet to no avail,it didnt make me love my wife less infact i was crazier about her during that time.

I had a business trip to attend outside the country for about three weeks and there i met some of my University buddies, i was so excited meeting them because i felt it would make my stay there easier if i had people to talk to. We hung out that night and had few drinks then started to talk about our families, everyone was showing pictures of their kids and i had nothing to offer but i was not bothered cause to me my wife was more important.

The next day i got a call from one of my friends to come down and meet someone,i hurried down lo and behold it was Arias best friend, Matilda from the University (the one i had a fling with) and damn she was still looking hot and ravishing. I greeted her and she reluctantly replied asking how my wife was which i responded to….

Time flew by and i found myself sleeping with Matilda, i dont know what came over me but i felt like i was in another world entirely as i even began to compare my wife with this woman..i thought i was CHARMED!!!

After the holiday,i came back home a different person, I didnt even notice my wife anymore, all i could think about was the  enormous breast of matilda and how she moaned my name during our sex session, i thought i was in love with her. My wife noticed my change in attitude and tried talking to me and when it  happens, i beat her mercilessly as she became irritating to me, i started to taunt her about not being able to bear children for me and how i was going to bring someone who will continue my lineage….i watched my wife dwindle before my eyes and i took no notice.

I continued to see Matilda in secret and few months later she called me saying she was pregnant, i was excited and super happy at the thought of being a father except for the fact that i was given an ultimatum to send my wife packing else she was gonna abort the child…my own child…i didnt even think about it twice and sent Aria packing. Months later  i discovered Matilda lied about the pregnancy and everything became clear, when i got myself i had to look for my wife..i ran like a mad person, i searched everywhere only for a family member to tell me she died while giving birth and lost the baby as then began to dawn on me what my wife had been trying to tell me and how her family members had tried to contact me but i shoved them all away. I killed my wife and our baby,i shattered my once beautiful home…i miss Aria…Am sorry ARIA…

Forgive me ARIA….i hope to meet you soon!!!   These were the thoughts going through my mind as i was struggling with the rope on my neck as i pushed the chair away>>>

8 thoughts on “MY MISTAKE 2

  1. Lovely story..nice use of dictions and organisation……..
    I just feel bringing in the use of vodoo goes against title of the story because the man was under the influence of a force beyond his control and counldnt have done better.
    I think you can remove the vodoo aspect and it will still be a beautiful story


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