He doesn’t know it yet but my heart beats for him…

It started from an application i never put my heart in, we hadn’t met but then i could feel it within my bones that he may just be the one for me.

Now we have met but then the air feels different, we didnt talk for long but i knew deep inside,he may just be my NEW YEAR’s gift!! I could notice everything about him, from the way he smiles to the way he gesticulates when he talks (smiles). I could even notice the throbbing of his chest, the quirkiness in his smile and every damn thing. OOPS i was already in LOVE (am so angry!!!!!).

Unfortunately he does not feel the same cause he is still hurting from a past wound and its difficult to heal. I looked into his soul and realised i wanna be his peace and calm,i want to love him and make him yearn for me, i wanted to be the reason he would love again but then i couldnt do anything….AM STUCK.

I always thought loving someone is enough for the both of you but experience has taught me the hard way so i will just swallow all these lustful thoughts and go read my book cause i may be the one nursing a broken heart soon(}}}).

Is this real or am i just faking this story….heehehhe!!!

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