It hurts to be alone,its like a missing part of you is gone forever and you might never find it again…its like the whole world despises you and has left you for good,its just like a missing puzzle. Its been two years now, two years since she left me, I could not believe it but I had to accept it except that I feel its all my fault..i drove my wife to her death and I will never forgive myself.

It started in the year 1989, on the 22nd of March, I can never forget that day cause that was the day I met her….it was at a party celebrating the newly accepted students into the university, I was in my third year at that time and my world was still like a roller-coaster, I was having fun and you can say I was the typical play boy that girls were dying for. I met Aria there,funny enough I wasn’t attracted to her, I wanted her friend who had everything well packaged from the boobs to the ass and wow she even had ‘them camel toes’…

I started dating or rather having a thing with her friend whose body was the only thing appealing to me and she was aware so it wasn’t an issue cause to her we were just having fun, whenever we went out, Aria was sure to be with us as she was her only friend in college,I started noticing her after our first five dates ,I noticed how fragile she was and how smallish she looked.She hardly smiled, she was always quiet and reserved. As time went on, her friend got transferred to another school hence putting an end to our adventure and also an end to Aria.

Two years down the line, I was preparing for my Project Defense as I was getting ready to graduate, I went for a conference… lo and behold,I met Aria looking more elegant and beautiful than the last time I saw her, believe it or not I fell instantly but then with the history between I and her friend , I felt she wouldn’t even look at me twice. But I mustered the courage and I went to meet her and we started talking, exchanged contacts and agreed to meet later.

It wasn’t an easy road but eventually we became lovers and ohh how exciting it was, I was the happiest man alive, it was like the best moment of my life. After graduation, I left the school promising to always be in contact with my love. I was from a well to do family so it wasn’t difficult for me to get a job, I waited for Aria and after about two years, we got married.

Marriage was blissful, wife was everything to me so why wasn’t I satisfied??………







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