What to do when you feel lonely….

Imagine waking up to a feeling of emptiness or having to look around you and realize that there is no one to talk to or rely on..imagine when you are at work and a colleague of yours gets a call from her bf or starts talking to you about him or even her and then it sinks it…Am lonely!!!

But thats not the end of the world, there are things you could do to feel better or less lonely….

1. Go Out..

When i say go out, i mean take yourself out!! Some people see it as attention seeking but i see it as a way of healing, i take myself out most of the time sometimes i could go to the movies, take a stroll and get ice cream, i could even go to the bar and drink a bottle or two…WHO CARES?? As long as you are happy, thats what matters. Going out could relieve you of stress and heartache as well.

2. Its not going to last forever

I believe nothing lasts forever so even if you feel lonely right now or even left out, just believe its going to fade away soon and you will be fine. Begin to envision loneliness like a neighbor who just dropped by to borrow your mind for some minutes and would soon leave, that way you will be certain that its gonna be alright.

3. Find something to distract

It could be a hobby, going to the gym, listening to music, seeing a movie or if possible find a new hobby and make sure you carry it out judiciously so there would be no time to think about anything or give space for loneliness to set in.


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