A Second Chance

Do you believe in second chances?

They say that there is always someone for everyone and no matter what, you will surely find yours out there waiting for you. Sometimes i dont believe it and other times, i feel maybe your own is with another and may not even have realised that isnt where they belong.

Kate was a very beautiful young lady, she had an aura of greatness and glowed wherever she went. She always had the feeling that her own was somewhere waiting for her and she was going to meet him someday, after her university days kate started serving and there she met Frank who happened to possess all the qualities she desired in a man, kate had fallen hopelessly in love with him and knew in her heart that he was the one for her.

Fast forward to two years later, kate had become Mrs Frank and there she thought everything was perfect. One day kate made a mistake and broke a glass and frank gave her a beating that she had never received in her life, he became a monster, he wasnt the man she knew anymore. Kate became unhappy, her life was over, she cried everyday…her world became bleak.

After five years of marriage.kate couldnt conceive and her life became a nightmare. Kate began therapy and along the line discovered she had to do something. To cut the long story short, kate decided to leave her abusive marriage and within six months she met someone else and he made her feel different, kate was being careful not to make the same mistake twice and tried not to overlook any detail. Kate got married after one year and conceived within three months. She had never been happier, her husband made her feel loved again and she never regretted her decision.

This brings me back to my question, do we believe in second chances? Can someone be truly happy again even after one failed attempt at marriage. These days i hear people say “Why should i marry a man who has married before” or “why should i marry/date a man who has loved another woman”? In nigeria its mostly seen as a taboo but i really wanna know what people think about dating a man going through seperation as well as getting married to a divorcee be it a man or a woman.

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