Marriage??? Love???

It was a very cold day,it rained heavily and ohhh how i envisioned sleeping in this very cold weather.😉

I even allowed the rain to beat me cause i thought it could make me happier a bit due to my recently troubled heart. I came back home immediately after going down to get something and intentionally letting it shower on me!!

On getting home,i found the most dreadful thing i have been experiencing all my life right from my childhood….my parents were arguing😞😞

Even as a very young family,the frustrations are just too much.everyday quarrels but today was one of those days…they fought,lol😁

Its actually not funny though but they actually fought and that was the second time in four days,dem no even let am reach one week😏

The insults were just flying in d air..from stupid to bastard to blah blah blah…and all the kids were trying to hold back the ‘wrestlers’ to no avail though.

Till the end…it was futile until one party had to leave the house for peace to reign after much persuasion. Truthfully i thought when i was little that all these childhood experience was gonna affect my future in a bad way but the way it is now..i dont think its going to affect me negatively but rather positively. 

Violence is never the answer and i pray that we do not emulate the actions of our parents and that we rather grow to become better than them. 

This story is actually a fiction but i thought i should shed some light on domestic violence.

These days,all we hear is how a man beat his wife and how she lost her pregnancy due to the beatings even to the point of depression. A man and a woman meet,fall in love,get married and promise eternity in the presence of hundreds of people….why in the world would that love go sour? Why in the world will a man raise his hand and hit a woman? Why??? 

Hmmm…i dont have much to say but i really wish men can learn to handle strong women and not feel intimidated by them.please lets not ruin our childrens future due to our recklessness or pride.

Let Love Lead….


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