It was a very sunny day as usual with lagos weather coupled  with the traffic, i couldn’t ascertain what next to do. i decided to go to one “buka” to get chilled coke before heading to the office…..i met kunle that day!!!

He was not the “sooo handsome guy” but he looked decent and responsible but mind you that day i was so tired and frustrated but with his stalking and follow follow, i gave in and gave him my number. i wated for his call to no avail but few days later he called and was apologising.i forgave him though and we became very close.

Few months later i was at the altar of All Saints Cathedral saying i do to the love of my life, it was a beautiful union…to me, i felt i had married the best of all. Our marriage was so sweet, i even had two beautiful kids for him. Things were going on smoothly until….

I added weight…i used to be a size 8 before i got married but after giving birth, i became a size 12.honestly it didnt really bother me cause i was still fit just that i wasnt so slender anymore. My husband changed, he didnt touch me again,using the excuse he was tired, sometimes he would travel for months claiming it was a trip. i was so worried thinking i had done something wrong to make my husband change in that way.. i brought the matter up one day and he told me he hated my body and that it irritates him, i was so shocked to see him speak so ill of me.i told him that if i annoyed him so much,he could have told me and i will work towards it.i was sad..

i did all i could, i frequented the gym yet wasnt seeing any result, my husband became worse, he stopped feeding me and the kids,he brought all kinds of women home..this was  a man that claimed he loved me not my body all of a sudden he says he just married me because i was slender.i was distraught and broken,i couldn’t do anything about it till he chased me and my kids back to my parents home.

Two years down the line, i am now a successful woman and still a size 10, i refused to feel little because of a man, my husband or rather ex-husband now follows me about asking for forgiveness and blaming it on the devil.lol. i am now a wife to a man who appreciates me and the body i have.

This might seem like a typical everyday story but i wish it could answer the question WHY??

Why will a man who swore to love and cherish his wife change all because her body changed??

Why would you disregard a woman who bore kids for you?

Is it a womans fault that her body changed?

i think men need to understand the true meaning of for better for worse, the true essence of love..

Appreciate your woman and you will be richly blessed.THANK YOU.


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