What if my ex dies???😐

The question most people ask

The thought that crosses the mind of most girls

What would be your reaction if your ex dies

I know some of us may say yes i will be happy cause he hurt me bad..

Some might even say let me even be the one to kill him bla bla bla.  

The truth is there was a time that ‘ex’ was your all and all,there was a time he was everything to you..

There used to be a time he made you laugh…and he made you feel alive

They say people come into our lives for a reason…might be a blessing or a beautiful lesson

So irrespective of the hurt he made you feel,remember there was a time he made you glow.

So left to me, i hope you wont wish him death.i ask that you dont pray for his hurt…i hope you forgive him and i also pray he forgives himself. 



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