The things that are truly meant for you will never run from you, they will show up and be there to stay.

Often times we wonder, how come its taking so long to find my own?

How come am still single?

And then we go on to start blaming ourselves for our past mistakes, for the things that went wrong in our previous relationships,saying things like, what if i pushed him to cheat?

We could even go to the extent of looking into the mirror everyday trying to ascertain how beautiful we are, asking ourselves am i no longer beautiful? am i too fat or too slim? do i need to bleach bla bla bla!!!!

I have been through a certain stage like that after my previous relationship went sour and i think i still am, it was so bad that i always thought maybe am not so beautiful as those instagram models i see everyday, maybe am too fat or is it because am not too fair??

I asked myself these questions and many more…the so called guys that were coming were just #fuckboys. i didn’t want that anymore, everything was going wrong.

I had doubts in my mind, i couldn’t trust anyone, i was always insecure and even to the point a particular guy told me i was complicated and maybe truly i am complicated.

This is just like my public diary  so never mind that i am talking about myself…the thing is there are so many girls out there like me and we feel that nothing can be done to revert the hurt or the pain we went through in the past, when we meet someone new its like we expect them to magically be our ideal guy..Just like i tell myself everyday, its not easy and  it hurts but we should try to let it go, we should learn to understand that its not ‘his’ fault that your ex hurt you.

Wait..i want you to wait…keep dreaming, keep loving, never stop looking up to the stars, life can be crazy baby, but never lose your spark!!!

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