My Dilemma

I knew i was greedy, my heart wasn’t satisfied yet, i still yearned for more… i wanted more!!

My name is Sandra, i was born into what we in Nigeria call a peasant home, dad was a driver and mum was a petty trader. It was tough growing up, i had to change schools different times all in the name of school fees, sometimes i wouldn’t even go to school for a term and just stay home so my younger ones could go. After years of going back and forth, i finally finished secondary school and there came the biggest part..JAMB!!!

Things were so tough back then and i knew it would take a miracle to get into the university, I wrote Almighty JAMB and luckily for me, i passed but then the issue of school came in and dad told me he couldn’t take care of the fees due to my siblings.It was really hard for me to accept but in the end, i did stay home and started working at different stores to assist my family. The biggest blow of my life came when my dad got into an accident while driving and died on the spot. My life crumbled, there was no hope for me anymore, i searched for tears and couldn’t find them, my relatives abandoned us and everything became cold.

I decided to move to the city to stay with an aunt of mine to see if i could work and take care of myself and my family. On getting there, i discovered she was into prostitution and she asked me to join her of which i declined knowing fully well it was a sin, but as time went by, i had to give in due to the hard economy. i became a prostitute in no time and it was like i had been in the game all through, the more i saw the money, i didn’t care how cheap i felt. i became a sex addict,i became a pimp.. in less than a year, i was a big girl, i started sending money home and forgot about school. i became greedy, i didn’t want to stop cause to me that was heaven.

People may think that this story would have a beautiful ending, maybe meet my prince charming or so….but nah, i ended up in the hospital, diagnosed with cancer of the ovary and i also have HIV/AIDS.

I chased material things, i chased money and i forgot completely about God. I even blamed him then for the demise of my dad, for the pain my family was going through instead of me to go down on my knees and thank him for life and ask him to do more…. Many of us have passed through one dilemma or another, we have been in tough situations we thought we couldn’t get out of but the truth is, there’s always a reason for everything, there’s always a way out and we should be thankful that we are alive.

I am not here to criticize anyone or judge but i implore us all to take a minute out of our busy schedule and ask “is this the life i want to live”? it must not really be prostitution, it could be in any other form that we are displeasing God and also destroying the plans he has for us so i hope we reflect on our lives and make the right choice.

This is a fictional post…hope you enjoyed it??leave your comments below, am open to suggestions.

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