Unrequited Love

I want you so bad...cant you see? Its stupid how you just meet someone and you know that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, the person you want to wake up to everyday for the rest of your life. It was just a normal day for Jess … Continue reading Unrequited Love


Imagine waking up every day thinking ….how will i live today, how can i endure this day and telling myself to wake up, breathe and live!! She hated the thought of living, the idea that she would wake up to no one, no family or friends in a place where she knows no one.. Do […]


She woke up each morning with fleeting thoughts and memories of the previous day: "i will make it,its going to be better" she said, while reciting the book of Psalms 121. Just when you think everything is falling into place, something more difficult comes your way, there were days when it seemed like her world … Continue reading SINKING


I never believed it existed till it happened to me...as i lay down there bound to a chain which was heavily armed with padlocks,my mouth gagged with a piece of cloth to prevent me from talking. I knew this was it,i was gonna die here with no member of my family aware of my disappearance … Continue reading ME!!!